About Us


Who are we?

Bonsai Cricket offers professional-quality cricket gear at affordable prices and! It is your go-to site for cricket bats, cricket clothing, cricket protection, cricket balls and many more! We are based in The Netherlands and ship worldwide! Bonsai Cricket is launched to provide everybody affordable professional-quality equipment.

“From beginners’ equipment to superior modern day cricket we have it all.”

How we started…

As a young kid I was always fascinated by cricket gear. I used to do all the research in order for me to pick the best bat for example. You could not make me any happier than to provide me with new cricket gear, you just couldn`t.

It always was a dream for me make a living with cricket. Be it with playing cricket, coaching or selling cricket equipment. Since the first two did not work out as planned I decided to give it a try at selling cricket equipment!

When I was a young cricketer I did not realize that good quality cricket equipment would have a huge impact on your performance. Now a “few” years later I realize how good quality cricket equipment can easily enhance your performance.

I never used the top quality cricket equipment when I was young. The simple reason I thought it was overrated and besides that it had a certain price tag to go with it as well which made me choose for cheaper and lesser quality cricket equipment.

Our mission at Bonsai Cricket is to erase these doubts and make sure the best quality in the market is accessible and affordable for everyone!

Everybody has been there before, the salesman prizes the bat and says it is worth gold! When after buying you find out the performance is weak or it breaks easily. So I said no more! 

After a few months of brainstorming I saw a bonsai tree and I thought about how amazing bonsai trees are. How can something that is so small look like a proper tree. Besides the real nature of bonsai trees I thought the look was amazing. Then I started drawing and I thought it would be nice to have a cricket ball in the background. No hesitations there and the Bonsai Cricket brand was born.

So that is a bit of a story about how Bonsai Cricket was established and about our quality.

Why are we different?

If I can sell quality cricket equipment for free I would do it! Nothing satisfies me more than providing the best to the people and see them actually love it.

I think every cricketer should be able to perform the same. The gear should not be a blockage!

Our main mission is to provide every cricketer, young or old, male or female, fit or not fit, good or not as good with quality cricket equipment at an affordable price. Most of the quality all-round is the same as the production techniques are now copied from each other. The only main thing is design and personal preferences as to shapes, weight, designs and such. Which as you can see on our website, we have well covered that!

Now the big companies have the monopoly and will sell to their customers for a ridiculous high amount. Some would say it is worth it but people that have done their research will tell you it is over-priced. The big brands charge extra rates for their overhead costs like rent, warehousing, employees et cetera. As I do not have a lot of these costs, I can offer the most affordable rates for the best quality. To ensure this I have maintained a very low profit % on my products.

After the brand is really set-up I want to start a foundation to give back. As spending some time over in Pakistan I noticed that there is a lot of talent in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I have seen some outstanding players that were winning pressure matches on their own against quality sides.

As talented as they are, the talented kids are mostly coming from poor backgrounds. Their parents will not and often can`t invest in their future as a cricketer. Most of them end up learning some handcraft like pipe fitting, welding or end up as a tuk-tuk or taxi driver.

In my opinion this talent has gone to waste. It would be a dream if I can help them with my future foundation. As this is my first priority being a sports company.

In the future I want to do some projects to help threatened species like the snow leopard (my favorite animal) and help the needy people that come from very poor families and people that lost most of their families through war to give them the proper support to return back to the society.

Thanks for reading our bit and we hope you help us achieve our mission!

Hamid Ijaz, Owner Bonsai Cricket